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Studio Tony tells stories that clarify and inspire

We uncover the essence of your story
and create concepts that tell your story to your audience.
We make film and animations, but also infographics, websites and music.
Yes, we are quite all-round. Feel free to challenge us!

We work for:

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  • What I love about Studio Tony is that they think like a startup, just like us. They use their creativity and hands-on approach to provide an amazing video with limited resources. We have received countless compliments on this from our community!

    Bram de Zwart, Co-founder @ 3D Hubs
  • As we needed to convey what we are doing to potential business partners while we were too deeply buried into the subject, a reflective outsiders view was important. StudioTony‚Äôs ability to dive into the (technical) subject, filter it on relevant information for the intended target audience and creating a compelling story out of it in an aspirational package has proven to be invaluable to reach this goal.

    Edouard Schinkel, Co-founder @ NHLO

About us

Studio Tony is a creative storytelling agency.
We work together with illustrators, motion designers, webdevelopers, musicians and other creatives.
As such, we offer a wide variety of customized concepts to our clients.
At every project, we challenge ourselves to raise the bar a bit further.
Curious? Contact Robert Zwamborn at robert[at]studiotony[dot]nl